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Everlasting Candle Set

Everlasting Candle Set

by Everlasting Candle Co

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Steel Candlestick Colour

An elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down.

This Everlasting Candle Set includes your colour choice of 3 steel candlesticks, the glass Wylie Vase, and a 473ml bottle of Pristine Oil®.

We understand how important it is to know the products you're burning in your home are clean, smoke free and don't produce soot, which is why Everlasting Candle exclusively uses clean burning Pristine Oil®, with each bottle providing 50 hours of candlelight ambience.

Light your candle, relax and enjoy the beautiful ambience with peace of mind knowing you're having the unforgettable wellness experience you deserve.

How do I use my Everlasting Candle?

  • Add Pristine Oil™ to your vase
  • Hold the tops of your candlesticks in Pristine Oil™
  • Turn over and light

You can purchase an extra bottle of Pristine Oil separately to refill your candle here.


• Made in Canada
• 3 Steel Candlesticks: 8 inches in length
• Pristine Oil: 473ml / 16 oz
• Wylie Vase: 4.92”H X 2.5”L


• Candlesticks: Made of Steel
• Wylie Vase: Hand-blown borosilicate glass
• Pristine Oil®: Odourless, soot-free & clean burning mineral oil


How do I use my Everlasting Candle?
-Add Pristine Oil™ to your vase
-Hold the tops of your candlesticks in Pristine Oil™
-Turn over and light

Christina's Notes

I was first introduced to the Everlasting Candle a few years ago and I instantly fell in love! This candle looks stunning on a table, and it's so unique.

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Customer Reviews

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Elena B.
So unique

This candle is a bit of an investment piece, but it's so pretty. I've had so many people comment how much they love it.