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Green Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bundle

Green Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bundle

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This gorgeous bundle features preserved (yes real) silver dollar eucalyptus.

- Color: Green
- Dye free. Colors are naturally occurring and stabilized (preserved) using vegetable glycerin
- Stems range from approximately 18-24" in length
- 80g of eucalyptus per bundle, this is not a set number of stems as that will vary with the natural product.

Things to know:
This product ships flat, it will fluff up overtime in a vase or can be styled flat on a table.
Preserved silver dollar eucalyptus does not carry the same ‘eucalyptus’ scent you would find in the preserved baby eucalyptus (the eucalyptus used in shower bundles) or in fresh variations.
Eucalyptus is not safe for consumption, keep away from curious humans and pets.


• Made in China


Silver dollar eucalyptus


Do not place any part of these stems in water.
This bundle will last up to a decade given the right conditions.
Color may bleed in water or high humidity.

Christina's Notes

A touch of greenery does wonders for any space, and eucalyptus is a classic choice. I love these natural eucalyptus stems in a vase on a nightstand, or as a kitchen table centerpiece.

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